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Competitions at Minhaj College for Women

Inter classes’ competition:

Minhaj College for Women Township Lahore organized intermediate class competition from January 28 to 30, 2010 to enhance the mental and creative abilities of the students.

January 28, 2010. Thursday:

Qirat and Naat contest and Islamic declamation entitled as:

Naib Nazim-e-Ala Minhaj-ul-Quran International Sheik Zahid Fayyaz also honored the college with his presence.

The jury members of Qirat contests included Mr Qari Muhammad Nadim, Qari Hamid Raza and Ms. Hafiza Qaria Abida Naseem. In Qirat contest the respected jury members were Mr Shakeel Tahir, Mr. Ghulam Ahmad and Ms. Shabeena Majida. In Islamic declamation Mr. Muhammad Hussain Azad, Mr. Shakeel Tahir and Mr Ghulam Ahmad were among the jury. In Qirat contest, the following students took the position.

1st: Hafiza Uma Habiba

2nd: Hafiza Saira Maqsood

3rd: Hafiza Amna Masood, Hafiza Iram Shahzadi.

In Naat contest, the position holders were as follows:

1st: Hafiza Amna Masood

2nd: Misbah Iram

3rd: Amna Arshad

Senior Naib Nazim-e-Ala Mr. Sheikh Zahid Fayyaz and Vice Chancellor Minhaj University appreciated the efforts of the students. Principal Minhaj College for Women Ms. Farah Naz presented the English Version of Irfan-ul-Quran to the chief guest.

January 29, 2010 Friday:

English debate on “Crisis Develops the Nations” and English poem writing contest were conducted. Brigadier Mr. Iqbal was the honorable chief guest, while Col. (r ) Ahmad and Ms. Sumaira Rafaqat Advocate Nazima Women League also attended the programe. Prof Saleem Ahmad Siddiqi, Mr. Malik Muhammad Yousaf and Mr. Muhammad Afzal Kanjoo were the honourable Jury members.

In English debate contest, the position holders were:

1st: Sidra Jabeen

2nd: Maryam Shoukat

3rd: Khushama Butt


The result of English poem writing contest was as follows:

1st: Huma Rizwan

2nd: Amna Saif

3rd: Amna Hameed

Brigadier (rd) Iqbal and Mr Muhammad Yousaf shared their valuable views with the students.

January 30,2010 Saturday:

This day was full of a verity of competitions as Quiz, Ghazal and free verse poem (Urdu) and Urdu debate contest whose topic was:

In this programme Deputy Director of Iqbal Academy Lahore, Dr Tahir Hameed Tanoli was the esteemed Chief Guest.

The jury members for Urdu debate, Ghazal and poem contests were Mr.Shafeeq-ur-Rehman Saad, Mr. Noor-uz-Zaman Noori and Mr. Ghulam Ahmad.

The results of these contests were the following:

Urdu Debate Contest:

1st: Sidra Jabeen

2nd: Sayyida Ayesha

3rd: Sayyida Gamo Bibi, Beenish Refique.

Free verse poem contest:

1st: Sayyida Ayesha

2nd: Fatima Hafeez

3rd: Ayesha Sarfraz

Ghazal Contest:

1st: Naheed Akhter

2nd: Muneeba Shafiq, Sayyida Ayesha,Amna Masood

Quiz Contest:

1st: Alia Jameel. Sabeeha Arshad

2nd: Ayesha Roouf, Saba Yousaf

3rd: Tanzeela Muhammad Ali, Shabana Rafiq.

In the end respected Chief Guest Dr. Tahir Hameed Tanoli appreciated the efforts of the students and teachers for organizing such beautiful and healthy activities. Principal Minhaj College for Women Ms. Farah Naz congratulated all the participants and thanked all the guests for their attendance of the programme.

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