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Khaleej Times : Welcoming the World and a Fatwa Against Terror Erik Heinrich
1776 Coalition : Muslim leader’s edict decries terrorism
Aian Tribune : Islam was wrongly bracketed with extremism and terrorism - Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri
Groups Google : Terrorism Strictly Forbidden in Islam Fatwa
The News : Qadri terms terror attacks unIslamic
Hizb-America : Muslim leader's edict decries terrorism
Student News Daily : Muslim leader’s edict decries terrorism
Politifi : Suicide bombers 'unIslamic' and going to Hell, says leading cleric
Muslim World Today : UK Muslims Will Take Fatwa Against Terrorism Seriously
Pakistan Pal : A fatwa against terrorism that might work
All Voices : Anti-terror Fatwa of Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri launched
Daily Star : A Pakistani scholar's fatwa against terrorism just might help
Cercatoridellaverita : Tahir ul-Qadri, sheikh soufi pakistano: non sono affatto martiri, sono semplicemente criminali
Adeebneyazi : Tahir Qadri’s Fatwa for Terrorists: Hell waits for you
Global Good News : Prominent Muslim to issue anti-terrorism fatwa
Global Good News : Muslim leader issues anti-terror fatwa
Harry Pottering : Fatwa condemns terrorism
United Jerusalem : UK Muslim leader to put fatwa on Jihad
The Atlantic : Worldwide Fatwa Is Issued Against Terrorism
C Tv News : Muslim leader issues 600-page anti-terror fatwa in U.K.
Middle-East-Online : The Faithful Fight Against Terror
Zimbio : A Leading Muslim Scholar Issues A Fatwa On Terrorism
Tea Break : Another Angle in the Qadri Fatwa Debate – Tariq Tufail
I Views : My fatwa against the terrorists' creed
NBC 11 News : Muslim leader issues anti-terror fatwa