Nation : Proven at last

March 31, 2010

One agrees wholeheartedly with the landmark fatwa of Dr Tahirul Qadri against terrorism, suicide bombing, mutiny or rebellion against the state, all being tantamount to creating divisions amongst the Ummah. Dr Tahirul Qadri’s authoritative references to hundreds of Quranic verses and 17 major books of Tafseer, Ahadith (56 books, 12 sharahaat, 4 on asma-ur-rijaal), Fiqh wa Usool (50 major works by all schools of thought), As-Seerah (2 books), Al-Aqaaed (8 books), Al-Fatawas (6 books), Al-Tasawwuf (2 major books), History (8 by Islamic scholars & all major historians from Europe) and Encyclopedias (6 books, each work consisting tens and twenties of volumes) have made his fatwa unchallengeable.

Without any doubt, this recent effort by the so-far controversial and politically ambitious Dr Qadri, who started from being the Pesh-Imam of the mosque of House of Ittefaq, sailed through muddy waters of politics and is now focused on the real job of interpreting Islam at last, is laudable and timely.

I have gone through the book; it is really a huge work and removes a number of doubts about our war against the Taliban and al-Qaeda terrorists. Other scholars in Pakistan and the Muslim world at large should join hands with him on the issue and declare a war on terrorism, terrorists, extremists, conspirators and elements of hate who are defacing Islam. This book is also important for those who have taken up arms against the terrorists, either in uniform or in civil society, because this helps clear doubts in their minds, if any. The book helps unite the masses divided on lines of religious differences and sects, and if the common cause and fight against terrorism unites us in our ranks and file, why can’t it help us shun our other petty differences and disputes?

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