Welfare Camp (Jan 05), Islamabad

On the 25th January 2005 the first Women Welfare Camp was held at Bari Imam, Islamabad by the Minhaj-ul-Qur’an Women League Welfare Society, Islamabad in aid of orphans, widows and other deserving women as well as some disabled men.

The sisters distributed food packages consisting of flour, rice, sugar, vermicelli, butter, clothes and jewellery.  The event was organized by Nazima Welfare, sister Gulnaz along with her executive team.  By the grace of Almighty Allah all of the funds were generated by the sisters themselves, receiving no assistance from any political or other partisan group.

Sister Themina Qayyum, Nazima MQW, Islamabad described the aims and objectives of the project as well as other activities held by the sisters.  The event was also attended by Sister Farah Naz who explained the importance of welfare work in Islam and expressed the need to do more and more for the poor and deserving in Pakistan.  Others who attended the event were  Sister Musarat Bashir, Naib Nazima IMQ, Women League and Sister Bushra Riaz, Nazima Welfare who helped distribute the gifts as well as former Nazima Syeda Rehana Bukahri.  The event was organized through a lot of team effort with the help of Brother Abrar Raza too.

One of the most humbling sights was the happiness displayed by the recipients of the gifts who thanked Allah Almighty for the packages and the Minhaj Sisters for their time.  In the face of adversity and trouble, these are the noblest of people who always remain content and patient no matter what trials and tribulations they must face.  May Allah Ta’ala give us the strength to follow in the footsteps of these sisters and adopt their attitude of thankfulness no matter the situation.

Ms. Rehana Bukhari, Ex-Nazima Islamabad announcing the names.

Ms. Bushra Riaz, Central Nazima Welfare Women League
Ms. Musarrat Bashir, Senior Central Naib Nazima W.L
Mrs. Riaz Abbasi, Ex-President Women League Islamabad

Ms. Bushra Riaz, Central Nazima Welfare during
the distribution of eid gifts among needy students also

Ms. Farah Naz Markazi Nazima Women League is distributing eid gifts
among students of Madrasa Fatima–uz- Zahra lil banat.

Some recipients of gifts

Some other recipients of gifts

Women in a happy mood

Recipients of gifts thanking Allah Almighty

Women thanking Allah Ta’ala upon getting her gift