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Meraj un Nabi and The Message of Peace Conference 2008
Second day of Doara Sahih Bukhari & Muslim
First Day of Doara Sahih Bukhari & Muslim
Miraj un Nabi and The Message of Peace Conference 2008
Community workers attend convention
Workers Convention held in Valby (Denmark)
Warm welcome given to Sahibzada Hassan Mohi-ud-Din Qadri and Dr Raheeq Ahmad Abbasi in Denmark
MYL UK National Youth Council (Sisters) Meeting
MQI Hong Kong holds Miraaj-e-Mustafa (saw) Conference
Muslims of Europe Conference
MQI co-organises multi-faith peace march in Vienna, Austria
Daura Sahih Bukhari & Muslim 2008
Red Cross Delegation Visits Central Secretariat
A One Day Symposium Shariah Clarity Amongst Confusion
The Crux of the Problem? impediments to integration as seen by a pillar of the Singhalese community

Widely spread all over the world, this colossal setup of MQI centres entails a highly effective, efficient and centralized coordination to measure progress, monitor performance, sort out hurdles and issues and ensure smooth working of the MQI around the globe.

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