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Bradford celebration the 57th birthday of Shaykh-ul-Islam
Unforgettable Quaid Day 2008 in Paris
Quaid Day Celebration in Republic of  Ireland.
The 57th birthday of Shaykh-ul-Islam under the banner of MUL
Quaid Day : Celebration of 57th birthday of Shaykh-ul-Islam
Minhaj Women League and Youth Sister's League All Over the World Wish Our Quaid Sayyidi Shaykh-ul-Islam a Very Happy 57th Birthday!
Celebrations on the 57th birthday of Shaykh-ul-Islam
Leader's 57th Birthday Anniversary
Quaid Day 2008 Minhaj-ul-Quran Glasgow
Quid Day Celebrations 2008 MQI Oslo
Happy Quaid Day 2008
Celebration of Urs Mubarak Hazoor Daata Ganj Bakhash Ali Hijwairi(RA)
Educational Camp in Hong Kong
Memorial Service for Imam Qureshis Mother
Benazir Bhutto's Sister Visits MQI Centre on Romford Road in London